Bulut Öncü was born in Konya in 1989. Until the university, he finished his education in Konya. After the college she started to Ankara University Law School and Ankara met with Bulut.

He attended the training of trainers of the Reproductive Health Peer Education Project which collabrated with Community Volunteers Foundation, Y-PEER Turkey and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Turkey, in 2009. So Bulut has met with civil society, civil society organizations have started to met with Bulut. He has always continued his favorite field work and peer education. He changed a lot of young people’s lives positively by held many activities about sexual health and reproductive health trainings and dissemination,  advocacy, empowering, participation of youth in many cities.

In November 2011, he attended the international training of Y-PEER and he became one of the focal points of Y-PEER Turkey. After that time, he attended many activities of Y-PEER and represented the Turkey in global area.

In between the July and September of 2012, he began to work as youth consultant to support the youth work in UNFPA Turkey Office. During his consultancy, he coordinated many activities and campaigns to empower NGO’s and young people also he made an effort to deliver young people’s need to the policy makers. With more than 3 years peer educator experience Bulut started to coordinate Reproductive Health Peer Education Project as a TOG worker in between October 2012 and January 2015. And till the end of 2012 he worked for UNFPA as project coordinator. Although his intensive work calendar, he started to studying in Istanbul University, Department of Health Managment. In 2016, He coordinate the Young Friendly Health Service Provision Educations. The aim of the project was make youth friendly the proffered health services by train health care providers.

Since October 2009, He put numerous studies for the sexual health and reproductive health rights of  young people Turkey and all around the world. Hundreds of young people informed about sexual and reproductive health andrights, became a peer educator and started to do advocacy work in this field. He also coordinate a lot of advocacy activities and projects. He did a lot of work on sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian aid and took over the coordination the Support to Young Refugees Project. One of biggest success of Bulut is that doing a lot of things for brought legal personality to Y-PEER Turkey with the name of Youth Approaches to Health Association and he pioneered the formation of Youth Aprroaches to Health Association in 2015.

We will never forget Bulut who is our friend, ally and ‘founder’ of our association and his contribitions and efforts.

As Bulut stated;

“It is our responsibility to make young people’s needs more visible, to solidify with them and to make real the dream of a world where every young people reach the sexual health education.”