About Us

Y-PEER is a network of the youth and civil society organizations working in the fields of youth sexual reproductive health and rights, human rights, gender inequality and youth participation through peer education approach since 2002. The network is currently operating in more than 52 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions. Youth Approaches to Health Association (YAHA) is the legal entity of Y-PEER Turkey, and a member of this international youth network, Y-PEER.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen the youth in terms of exposing their individual characteristics, being regarded as subjects in all areas particularly in the eyes of the decision makers, fulfilling participation oriented social utility through creating spaces based on their subjectivities.

Our Missions

To create rights-based projects based on the needs and demands of various youth groups, to support these projects, and to develop models,

To ensure the development, dissemination and implementation of peer education standards,

To support youth participation in contextual, technical and logistical aspects and to contribute to the development of organizational culture among youth,

To carry out advocacy work and contribute to the development of youth policies,

To contribute to the proliferation and strengthening of youth-friendly health care models,

To develop visual, written and electronic learning tools; and to provide youth-oriented publications to young people,

To create opportunities for young people to get to know civil society work closely,

To develop a social standing in accordance with human rights within the frame of our vision,

To develop mutual cooperation and understanding with other local, national and international non-governmental organizations and government institutions working in the field,

To contribute to the formation of a strong civil society on the basis of gender equality

To act with gender equality and human rights perspectives

Our entire work is guided by the principles of gender equality and human rights. Members of the Association have come together in order to develop preventive policy proposals for inequalities and violations in the field of youth, and therefore, are against all forms of discrimination and oppression based on age, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, nationality, genre, citizenship and ability.

Open and honest communication

YAHA will continue to work in open and honest communication with our members and volunteers, as well as with our other components and partners. We enable the expression of thoughts in an open fashion and without hesitation at every stage of all the work carried out in and by the association.


We believe that any kind of disagreement can be resolved by non-violent means and in this respect, it is important to contribute to the value of non-violence of all activities and to produce alternative ways.


YAHA knows that all the activities carried out are for us all together. This is why we are aware that all the goals we believe we can achieve are possible through teamwork.


Within the body of the association, we place emphasis on the equal participation of all members and volunteers in decision-making mechanisms within the scope of a common view of social life. We endeavor to prevent the duality between the administrator and the administered within the association and to keep this culture alive within the association.

Transparency and Accountability

It is important that discourses and activities, including financial reports, can be followed, criticized and debated not only within the association but also by everyone.


Member associations and volunteers believe that all subjectivities have an unprecedented value. As subjectivities are important
and valuable building blocks of the association, we place no hierarchy between them and there is no room for precedence.